$160,400 funds given to improve the Bay of Quinte

Below is some quotes from a article in the Intelligencer:

Prince Edward-Hastings MP Daryl Kramp announced $160,400 for the Bay of Quinte remediation projects Wednesday, noting the money is part of $2.2 million being used to fund 38 projects throughout the Great Lakes. Of those 38 projects four are based in the Bay of Quinte region.

The majority of the funding, said Quinte Conservation general managerTerry Murphy, will be used for the prevention of nutrient and phosphorus loading in the Bay of Quinte. A regional storm water strategy encompassing Napanee, Belleville and all of Prince Edward County will benefit from the funding.

You can read more about this via Intelligencer.ca

Or you can visit: Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan

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