On a perfect Saturday I have to decide whether to head north to Georgian Bay for a day of Pike on my favorite body of water, or south to Lake Ontario for some Kings, Bows, and Hoís (coho). I know it sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones. Since I only had the morning I headed out with Ryan (We Pound Em Charters) and Rich on Ryans boat. I love it when you can just drive down with no boat or equipment and hop on board.

At 3:00 am I was up and getting ready and out the door by 4:00. Itís incredible the amount of road work that is done at night these days. The 400 and 401 are being upgraded more than my software. All the way to bluffers there is construction but I managed to be early for a change. I past the Hav-a-nap motel at 5:15. By then Iím ready for a nap. Wonder if they rent by the hour. I know there must be some down there that do LOL. Headed out of Bluffers on time dodging the debris on the way out. There is whole trees out there.

Fifteen minutes late we were marking a lot of bait and some good hooks. A lot of the marks were right near the surface which we thought were bows until we landed a small coho which became a great dinner. Water temps were 55 to 58 and almost the same 40 ft down. We passed over lot of fish until we finally hit a good fish on a flasher fly combo down about 40 ft. A couple of shakers including one that looked like a coho / rainbow hybrid or a Hobo LOL.

It wasnít until 10:00 we hit a really nice fish which I managed to flip out of the net on Rich. First mid 20ís of the season. By 11:00 the bait disappeared. Couldnít really find any concentrations of bait after that and the marks got deeper and deeper with the odd streaker. I was testing a new drone and wanted to see if we could take off from a moving boat. Any of the better drones sink like a rock so it is a bit nerve wracking but we manage to launch without hitting anything. Unfortunately I forgot the SD card so no recording. Now we had to launch again.

[img width=1020 height=622]http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee487/5b6pjw32/We%20Pound%20em%20arial1020.jpg[/img]

We packed it in by noon but I wanted to get aerial photos of the launch for the new boat launch section on Spoonpullers. I pull my truck into the lot where the public ramps are and take off right in front of the ramp. I couldnít believe it when I got a ticket. They snuck in behind me 30 ft back and wrote me up!
Bluffers is a very good inexpensive launch. It is $7.00 max per day with lots of parking. All of the launches we document have a Time on the Water Canada rating. The rating is from 1 to 10 based on quality of ramp including slope, receiving or loading dock, available parking, and cost, and hours of operation. Any cost over $15 per day gets a point taking off. Bluffers has a TOTWC rating of 10.

Hopefully I will have them all listed by the end of the season.