Ontario takes Asian carp battle to United States Supreme Court

Ontario has filed a motion, supporting a lawsuit which will prevent the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes that could cause billions of dollars in damage to the fishing industry.

Ontario — the only Canadian province that borders the Great Lakes — joins U.S. states Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin in support of a lawsuit launched by Michigan earlier this month, demanding the state of Illinois shut down shipping locks in Chicago to prevent the Asian carp from spreading into Lake Michigan.

Aquatic biologists warn that once the fish gets into Lake Michigan, it will spread uncontrollably into the other Great Lakes, and eat so much, it will starve off native species. DNA evidence has shown the fish are 10 kilometres from the mouth of Lake Michigan, close to a barrier intended to block them from infiltrating the lake.

Lets hope this passes and they close the locks soon before anymore fish cross over.

You can read more about this via CTV News

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