2015 Bass Champs

2015 Annual Quinte Bass Champs on Bass Opener 20 June 2015.
$1000 for big fish EVERY HOUR
$500 for 2nd big fish EVERY HOUR

One of the most exciting and fun trends in tournament fishing these days is hourly weigh-in. This format adds a level of strategy beyond simply weighing in 5 big fish. With hourly weigh-ins you can choose the time interval to weigh in your biggest fish. If you think your fish will be the biggest on any given weigh-in interval you can take your chances and that no one else has caught a bigger fish that hour.

Quinte Bass Champs has put it all together and after only 4 years has become the most attended opening week tournament of the year. For more information check out www.quintebassanglers.ca

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