Uzick Spinner Press Release

I am pleased to announce that I have been able to acquire the plastic ripple worm that matches the Uzick Spinner.

This is the worm passed along to me by John Uzick of PA. many years ago.

The worm comes in two Colours, Black Copper and Motor Oil. I have been using these for many years and are the perfect match for the spinner.

I was able to acquire these worms from a dealer in PA. who has them poured especially and he was able to have two batches poured for me. The pourer has since retired and the future availability is uncertain.

These ripple worms are available in a Uzick Spinner Ripple Worm Kit, consisting of 5 plastic worms, a 3/8 oz bullet sinker, two plastic beads and two crane swivels.

The Uzick Spinners and the Ripple Worm Kits are available at the following locations:

Brown Bear Tackle Box - Kingston
Merland Park - Picton
West Lake Willows - West Lake
Mohawk Bay Campground – Desronto
Bayview on Hay Bay Resort – Hay Bay North

Get your supply for the opening weekend, it appears as though the water temp will be right for Spinners & Worms.

David aka Superdad

Manufacturer of the Original Uzick Spinner